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“this is what I mean when I say I would like to swim against the stream of time. I would like to erase the consequences of certain events and restore initial conditions. but every moment of my life brings with it an accumulation of new facts, and each of these new facts brings with it its consequences. so the more I seek to return to the zero moment from which I set out, the further I move away from it... therefore I must calculate carefully every move so as to achieve the maximum of erasure with the minimum of complication"
-Italo Calvino, 1979

Once a film has left the hands of the director and the image is placed in front of the eyes of the audience, it is not longer theirs. The ownership has been completely transferred and whatever intentions the director may have at the time of the creation of their art is a moot point. The interpretation, the meaning and the context is the audience's alone. We invite you to enjoy this film and take what you want from it. It is yours.

trailer for the film

images from the film - use arrows to navigate

Exact Runtime : 00 hr : 51 min : 53 sec


Alicia Potter


Kathy King
Kelly Martell
Justin Richard
Luke Brown
Andrew Cull
Natalie Duschesne


also with

Eamon Clancey
Pam Crouse
Rob Galant
Dave Godin
Bryhanna Greenough
Geoff Keddy
Alan Macleod






Julie Gant

Leslie Carvery

Terry Drisdale

Tony Bates

Josh Dunn

Jorah Kai


Melissa Britton

Nadia Plante

Phoebe Smith

Melissa Arsenault

Stefan Crocker

Robin Negus

Jeff Brown

Logan Hudak


Written, Produced and Directed by
the Godfish Collective



Louisa Adamson

and Dustin Harvey

special thanks to

Canada Council for the Arts




Elling Lien


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