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'This is my punishment to you. I'm going to put you in prison, but you won't know it's a prison. When your sentence is over, I'll let you out of your prison and and suddenly you will realize that everything, all those things you took so seriously were not real at all. It was all just make believe.'

What would be on your list?

a merry experiment in controlled chaos in a strange comedy of possibilities.

Because real freedom is making the decision to make no decisions.


Exact Runtime : 01 hr : 11 min : 49 sec


Virgil Muir           



Peter X. Anthony
Branwell Beck
Sarah 'Pip' Bradford
George Chambers
Eamon Clancy
Moira Clancey
Sylvie Clancey-Edwards
David J. Crouse
Terry Drisdelle
Veronica Garcia


also with

Donnie Barnes
Colin Earl Brown
Julian Carvery
Tyler Carter
Erin Covill
Phil Duffenais
Jason Dylan Edwards
Ifari Fraser
Holly Fox
Robyn Gibson
James Haley
Logan Hudak





Jenna Gibbens

Dave Godin

Robert Hamilton

Geoff Keddy

John Ku

Pardis Parker

Sasha Pleasant

Alicia Potter

Holly Stevens

Steven Strickland



Rodin Hodgson

Max S. Jenkins

Elie Khoury

Brian Larter

Micky MacDonall


Ashley Millar

Elizabeth Pellow

Justin Richard

Laura Ringeri

Lori Shirran

Koi Taussig

Dave Varls

Morgan Sky York

trailer for the film

images from the film - use arrows to navigate


Written, Produced and Directed by

the Godfish Collective


Director of Photography
Steve Richard

Assistant Editor
Outsider Studios

Online Editor
Jeremy Harty

Alison Mcbride

Erin Covill and Dave Varls



1st Assistant Camera
Randy Ganne

Zan Rosborough

Boom Operator
Nick Finney

Key Grip
Brent Mccombs


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